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25 August, 2014

About Me

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luvox cost We will be married 30 years this November.  We are happy to be together as we were when it was just the two of us. We did look forward for this day to come and can’t believe it actually came.  But instead of being just the two of us as it was in the beginning we have Jenna with us, and what can we say, but that we love her so much that she fits in our way of living, and she seems content to be with just Mom & Dad.  I think she feels special that she has our total attention, and doesn’t have to share with the other three.

We have four beautiful children, at least we think so, and so does their spouses.  It has been our joy being Mom & Dad for the short years we had them home with us.  We are also very proud of them and of their accomplishments and their choice of marriage mates, we only hope that our kids will be happy as they move on with their lives wherever they may be and that Jehovah continues to bless them and their endeavors.

Throughout these 30 years of marriage I have grown fond of cooking, maybe because it was cost effective, but I have a history of being interested in cooking.  I remember when I made my first dish, I was maybe 6 or 7,  my dad just bought The World Book of Encyclopedia from this salesman that came to our house, and one of the books was activities for children, of course we found that book to be the most interesting of all the books that he bought. Inside that book was a recipe for a breakfast, and I had to make that for my parents, “breakfast in bed”, I remember.  It was very simple a boiled egg and toast.  Of course is was all about presentation, you sliced the egg and fan it out with toast cut in half and buttered.  I remember being so proud of that dish. Every since then I was interested in recreating dishes I liked, and that was for economic reasons, it was cheaper to make it than buy it, but cooking wasn’t negative for me, it was a challenge to create something that might be better than where I bought it, and usually that’s the case.  We might not be able to eat out as often as we would like or maybe we are somewhere where there is no Whataburger, so cooking might be our only option.  I think that by cooking we actually are eating healthier, we know what ingredients were used and you care about what you are feeding yourself and your family, I wonder if that is the case where we might go out to eat.  I am not saying Taco Bell, or Whataburger, or Chick Fil A or something like that can’t be enjoyed every now and then, but if you can recreate some of these dishes you might like your version better.


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