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5 April, 2015

Read the Recipe

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http://c21actionstrategy.com/://youtube.com/embed/7Nv2xgTfbAs When following a recipe, make sure you read the entire recipe before you consider preparing it.  This sounds like a no brainer, but sometimes we skim through a recipe looking at the ingredients and not quite looking through the directions.  That is where you can make your mistake.  I have done that in the past where I would purchase all my ingredients and start working and then the instructions say refrigerate for 24 hours, well you know how I reacted to that.  I was making Crab Cakes for a special event for that evening, thank goodness I started early but not early enough, the mixture was quite loose and needed to set before I could panfry the crab cakes, it needed to be refrigerated for 8 hours, well I only had 5 hours before the event so they could have been firmer and probably prettier in presentation, I was glad the flavor was spot on, that is what made the dish a success, but as a perfectionist I was a little disappointed in the presentation of the crab cakes.  You might even see you need to follow several certain recipes within the recipe itself.  So read it carefully, know what you are in for, so you can be prepared to perhaps serve this dish in the next day if that is what the recipe says, unfortunately you will not find that out unless you read it through. They should write somewhere near the title of the recipe that some preparation is required a day before you can cook the dish.  So you can decide if you want to consider this recipe to begin with. 

pariet uk I didn’t realize how difficult recipes are to follow.  Several of my friends said that the format of certain recipes can be difficult to follow.  So when I thought about writing my recipes I wanted to consider the format I would use.  I decided to write out measurements, for example instead of Tbs. or T, I would write it out as tablespoon.  That would leave out trying to figure out what the abbreviation stood for.  So you will notice your ingredients and then directions to your dish. I also will let you know how many it will serve.  I will let you know if it is a main course or side dish or appetizers.  I don’t do too many desserts so I will have a dessert section whenever I publish a dessert.  I will also try to publish recipes that are not too time consuming and that are easy to prepare.


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