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5 April, 2015

Measurements & Ingredients

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buy provigil from canada The beauty about cooking and not baking is that precision isn’t crucial.  I must admit when I write my recipes I find that I have to go back and redo the recipe and get an exact measurement of a certain ingredient, so I can publish it, but I don’t follow the exact measurement as I am cooking.  What is important to me is the ingredients, making sure they are all included in the recipe or else you miss the flavor profile of the dish.  So when you review my recipe to begin cooking it, see it that way, make sure you have the ingredients on hand and you decide if you want to put a little more or a little less of that particular ingredient.

rosuvastatin price walmart I had a client that I cooked for as a personal chef, and when we parted ways she asked for my recipe of a dish that they loved, of coarse I was hesitant to give her my recipe as I considered it as part of my livelihood.  So I did give her the recipe minus one ingredient, the ingredient I thought would be hard to figure out it was missing.  No doubt the dish would still be very good but just not quite there.  It wasn’t a very important ingredient but just enough to know that it needed my touch. 

When you are looking at recipes the ingredients jump of the page especially the ones you like or the ones you find interesting.  Like in a chili recipe that I have put on the site for example has chocolate or cocoa in it, you might find that strange or not.  Mexican cuisine uses chocolate in many of their recipes.  You must realize that it is unsweetened so it becomes a spice with a very unique flavor.  You could choose not to put it in and your dish will still be great.  Which leads me to ingredients.

Ingredients is what makes the dish, even if we’re not quite fond of a certain ingredient, we might consider using it, you never know you might like it combined with all the other ingredients.  As I said earlier regarding the recipe I shared with the client, I left out an ingredient.  It is an important ingredient which gives a tang to the dish but with out the ingredient the tang is missing.  So she may not figure out what is missing.  But the dish is filled with tons of garlic, oregano, red pepper flakes and some other ingredients that no doubt they will enjoy the dish and who knows they might not even notice I left out an ingredient. 

Sometimes we might not have all we need from our pantry that the recipe calls for.  So we can improvise or leave out certain ingredients.  That is when we can become creative and actually create our own dish inspired by the recipe we are looking at.  Don’t forget to write it down, the dish might be a success and when your ask to cook the dish again you can make it exactly as you did before.  I speak from experience, I keep paper and pen near by when I am cooking so that I can jot down what ingredients and how much so I can recreate the dish when I am asked to.  For many years I relied on my memory and it has failed me many times and for the life of me I can’t remember what I did.  It can be frustrating to those who enjoy your meals. 


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