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28 November, 2015

La Michelada

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http://pricegraphics.com.au/diarrhea I remember when I tasted my first Michelada.  We were visiting friends in Mexico City.  We were climbing Pyramids in Teotihuacan, and it was very exhausting, but fun.  After we visited the pyramids we stopped at this little restaurant which our friends ordered Micheladas, to our surprise the drink was very good.  It was very hard to replicate.  A restaurant in Galveston made very good Micheladas but the bartender was very secretive and would make it difficult for me to see how he made it.  I guess I wasn’t to discreet, and he must have felt I was watching him.  With the few hard glances I think I figured out the recipe.  As with anything that is spicy you can adjust the drops of sauces to your liking, but it is meant to be a spicy drink so try not to omit it completely.

pletal buy INGREDIENTS

4 drops of Tabasco Sauce

2 drops of Buffalo Salsa

1/4 teaspoon Worcestershire Sauce

dashes of Salt and Ground Pepper

juice of 1/2 key lime

1 bottle of beer, preferably a Negro Modelo

Salt and chili powder mixture to rim the glass


Combine above ingredients in a salted rimmed glass and add ice and then pour beer into the glass.  Serve with wedge of lime.



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