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28 November, 2015

I Never Thought I Would Have to Make This

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http://titanpremiumfinishes.com/ed/b-J95fYuVz4 One might ask why I am posting recipes that I can buy at the store.  Being here in Ecuador there are ingredients that I cannot easily find in the grocery store or mercados.  I can improvise which I do most of the time, but at times there are recipes that call for Italian Sausage, pickled jalapeños, or a good mayonnaise.  As the title clearly puts it, I never thought I would have to make sour cream, Mexican crema, dill pickles and I am sure there will be something else.  I gather many recipes and then I try to learn about the food I am trying to make.

fem care feminine wash price I don’t can ingredients, it is a little out of my league as well as making sausage, so obviously my quick pickling and sausage making is something that can be done and used within a few days or will last in the refrigerator several weeks to a month.  I experiment with ingredients that I can get locally and try to find the right measurements so I can get the results I am looking for, and for me less is more, so if I can achieve what I want with few ingredients then I feel it is worth making.  Needless to say I have made sour cream, buttermilk, and crema many times before I found what works for me.  There is a science with some of these recipes, which is something I am not to keen on, but I must admit I am finding this very interesting.  I am learning that as I am creating these recipes of things I never thought I would have to make, that I like it better than what I would have bought in the grocery store back in Texas.  I guess that there is freshness in these simple staples we take for granted when we make them ourselves.  So give it a try I think you won’t be disappointed.

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